Abandon home all ye who enter here. This site is due for demolition. The original content on the site will be moved, and forwarding will be put in place to redirect to the new location. As it is, it's full of dead links, and structurally a pain to maintain.

Construction has begun on a new Personality and Consciousness site, and by the time you are reading this, who knows, it might even be functional. It can be found at pandc.ca.

Once that is done, the plan is to merge the non P & C content with the Thema Extrarius message board to create a kind of 'blog' type thing. I've been slow to embrace blogging, but it does offer a form which I think has a lot of potential.

However, there's no timeline for this, as it takes a back seat to real life. I'll be happy when I've got P & C back into shape.

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