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The psyche does not come to an end where some physiological assumption or other stops. In other words, in each individual case that we observe scientifically, we have to consider the manifestations of the psyche in their totality.
             Carl Jung, Collected Works, v9, para 113

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Jung's Epitaph

Becoming Whole: Applied Psychoses (Enlightenment & Individuation)

Shakespeare's The Tempest, A Jungian Interpretation
by Barry Beck

Ancient Archetypes and Modern Manifestations -- The Goddess
by Barry Beck

The Conjoint Evolution of Creativity and Consciousness:
A Developmental Perspective

by M. Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D.

Zen and the Art of Imitating the Ineffable
by John E. McCloud

From Procrustes to Proteus: Disempowerment, Actualization, and Empowerment,
by M. Allan Cooperstein,PhD.

Jung and The Nazis, by Mark Medweth.
Published in Psybernetika, Volume 2, Issue 3: Winter 1996

Annotated Jungian Bibliography

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