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18 1 1999

Added Shakespeare's The Tempest, A Jungian Interpretation, by Barry Beck. The individuation process expressed by the pen of the bard.

August 19th, 1998

There have been some major changes to the Personality & Consciousness section of the site.  P&C and the Bookstore have been combined to create one site, the Personality and Consciousness Bookstore, which offers books, articles, and links on major theorists.

A section has been added as well for Ken Wilber

And a new paper which modestly seeks to explain religion.
The True Religion

July 26th, 1998

Added - The myths of healing: A summary of research into transpersonal healing experience, by M. Allan Cooperstein. This paper is a very interesting summary of the experience of transpersonal healers from their own perspective as revealed in interviews by the author. Similarities to shamanistic healing are examined as well.

July 12th, 1998

Added The Conjoint Evolution of Creativity and Consciousness: a Developmental Perspective, by M. Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D. to Personality & Consciousness ( ) Added Maslow in Three to the Bookstore. Also added sections for William James and Ken Wilber

June 12th, 1998:

It's been some time since the last GA update. Since then a number of things have been added.

The most mammoth addition has been a bookstore to Personality & Consciousness ( ). This is actually more of a companion site than an add on, though I've tried to integrate the two so that it's easy to go back and forth. You can look at it as Personality & Consciousness making available books, or the bookstore making available more info on the various theorists it carries.

Personality & Consciousness has a new article in the Buddhist section: Dark Buddha: Moral Responsibility in Apocalypse Now ( ) by yours truly. It looks at the issue of moral responsibility vs. insanity -- sometimes you can't just plead 'not guilty by reason of insanity'.

BTW, the animated morphing theorists .gif is back, as I have a new commercial account which allows for unlimited traffic. Likewise, my web business, Wynja Web Development, can provide accounts with the same (end plug!). You can see the theorists morph at

The Myth section of GA has a new piece by H. Braley recently back from Delphi. It contains some nice photos, and interesting information about the existence of a pre-Apollonian goddess religion at the site.

I've also added two mailing lists, one for discussion, and one just for announcements like this one.