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Greater Anthropology is an ongoing work to which you are welcome to contribute. Topic range is very wide, and the only real requirement is quality of writing and the thought reflected therein.

Papers should be written for an intelligent general audience who may or may not possess university degrees. Many visitors to this site are students, or laypersons especially taken with a particular subject.

Papers should be grammatically correct, and properly spelled (If papers are particularly good I can correct this. I don't wish to preclude submissions from people for whom English is a second language.).

Papers should have references. Even if a visitor isn't particularly taken with a paper, they should have leads to further information.

Papers can be submitted as attachments to emails in any popular word processing format. Simple HTML formatting would be welcome, but is not required. Email to contact form

Alternatively, papers can be sent via snail mail to:

Greater Anthropology
c/o Wynja Web Development
P.O. Box 56570
Lougheed Mall Postal Outlet
Burnaby, BC V3J 7W2

Copyright always resides with the author, and authors' names (with their permission) will be email linked so that readers can contact them directly.

I would also encourage people to develop their own sites. Wynja Web Development is an excellent commercial site. Geocities is an excellent free site for those who do not require the same quality, features, or support.