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} The Reburial Controversy ~ One person's 'stuff' may be another's ancestors. (see also the Reburial and Repatriation web page)
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} Altered States: the origin of art in entoptic phenomena ~ A critique of Lewis-Williams and Dowson's (1988) article 'The Signs of All Times', wherein they propose that the origin of art is to be found in drug induced hallucination.
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} An Offer You Can't Refuse ~ Human Sacrifice and the Aztec State (with special emphasis on Tenochtitlan)
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} Cooking Clan of the Cave Bear Style ~ boiling water in a leather pot over a fire (or not) (Earth's Children fans should also check out Jean Auel's Earth's Children and other important things)
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} From the Teeth of the Dragon ~ Gigantopithecus blacki.

} Links to Thor's Hammer Pendant Resources

} Psychology, Culture, and Evolution
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} SFU's Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.

} ArchNet ~ an amazing virtual archaeology library

} So you want to become an archaeologist?
   (advice from the US)

} Fossil Hominids at the archive

} the Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage's Science and Conservation Division

} British Archaeology

} DIRT ~ Archaeology megalist.

} Nicole's AnthroPage: Archaeology ~ Megalist.