Looking for Arthur: a virtual dig

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to locate a gilt bronze letter 'A'. The real world object was discovered in 1966 during a dig on Cadbury Castle in Somerset. While it would be nice if this 'A' established beyond any doubt Cadbury Castle's identity as the one true Camelot, the truth is that it is probably from a Roman occupation of the hill, perhaps part of a votive inscription. For our purposes, however, 'A' is for 'Arthur'.

As in any dig it will help if you know the territory. This cyber-land is traversed by people using browsers to look at documents written in HTML. Knowledge of these things may be of assistance in your hunt.

All graphics and information are from an account of the original digs which can be found in The Quest for Arthur's Britain, edited by Geoffrey Ashe (Paladin Books, 1971)


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